Les Havres du Manoir

You’ll never be alone again!
At Les Havres we implement a prosthetic approach.

We have created a separate living environment specially adapted for people with Alzheimer-type cognitive loss.

Our prosthetic approach compensates for certain functional difficulties experienced by elderly persons with cognitive losses.

From the physical environment itself to the activity program and the prosthetic communication, we have all the necessary means in place to support and respond to the specific needs of residents of Les Havres.

This personalized care approach is based on the potential of each elderly person and adapted to their lifestyle.

Le Havre Quatre Saisons, Le Havre Sainte-Adèle and Le Havre Saint-Adolphe have been designed to offer the highest possible quality of life for persons with cognitive losses.

If this reality affects one of your relatives, why not schedule an appointment to talk about the support that we can provide.

Our Havres offer you:

  • A specially designed living space
  • A secure environment
  • A separate unit
  • A prosthetic approach adapted to the capabilities of the person
  • A stimulating and rewarding activity program
  • An ongoing staff-training program
  • Attentive, professional staff
  • Surveillance 24 heures
  • Secure building with automatic sprinkler system
  • And much more ...

Possibility of double occupancy for couples, where one of the partners can benefit from the services of our prosthetic approach.

Also available: short-term care.

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Family management
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Les Havres du Manoir
You’ll never be alone again

We have designed a separate and specially adapted living environment for seniors with Alzheimer-type cognitive loss

Our prosthetic approach allows us to compensate for functional difficulties...

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