Choose your Manoir

With a choice of five excellent residences, we make it easy for you to find your ideal accommodation at Les résidences du Manoir: 

  • Manoir de la Falaise
  • Manoir de la Vallée
  • Manoir Quatre Saisons
  • Manoir Sainte-Adèle
  • Manoir St-Adolphe

Choose the region you prefer: 

  • At the heart of the action in Saint-Sauveur  (Manoir de la Falaise & Manoir de la Vallée),
  • On the shores of Lac des Sables in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (Manoir Quatre Saisons),
  • In Sainte-Adèle, the official capital of “Les Pays d’en Haut” or  
  • In the charming village of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard (Manoir Saint-Adolphe ).

Choose the type of housing that suits you:

  • A room offering an all-inclusive package or  
  • An apartment  (2½, 3½ or 4½) with optional services.

Choose the personalized care you need:

  • The group Les résidences du Manoir is constantly adapting to the needs of seniors and our services evolve with each resident according to their state of health.  A full range of personal care services is available on an optional basis.
  • Also part of the group are Havres Sainte-Adèle and Havres Saint-Adolphe, two separate living environments specially adapted for persons with Alzheimer-type cognitive loss.

Choose your budget range:

  • An apartment  starting at $935 or 
  • A room starting at $1,050 per month

Each of the residences is eligible for the Government of Québec’s tax credit for home support, which represents 31% of admissible expenses.

A great choice for short-stay vacationers:

The Manoirs offer short-stay packages in their most comfortable units for people looking for:

  • An enjoyable holiday in the Laurentians or  
  • An opportunity to experience life at the retirement home before deciding whether to live there permanently.

A smart choice for convalescing:

Our comprehensive professional services and our auxiliary attendants and nurses offer ideal support services for convalescence or as a drop-in centre.

Choose quality that is second to none:

Each of our residences adheres to a strict code of ethics and is a member of the regroupement québécois des résidences pour aînés, a group that advocates high quality services for its member retirement homes.

Our residences are also recognized by Veterans Affairs Canada.

Get an idea of what is right for you and come see us!

Each of our residences has been designed and furnished to maximize your comfort, respond to your needs and respect your privacy. Each one comes with a wide range of facilities and services designed to make your life more enjoyable: hair salon, exercise room, swings, pool table, chapel, petanque, library, gardens, services of a nurse, activity programs ...

We spare no effort to ensure your security! 

All our buildings follow strict Construction Code standards. They are equipped with a fire detection system, automatic sprinklers and a generator in case of power outage. In addition, we also offer elevator service, camera-controlled access as well as an attentive staff at your service 24/7.

If you enjoy gastronomy, you’ll love eating here 

Our menus are prepared by our very own chefs and checked by a dietician. You can invite guests to your table any day of the week as well as on special events. Our residents just love our elaborate gastronomic menu and so will you.

The Laurentians, a haven of tranquility 

Nestled in the heart of the Laurentians, our Manoirs offer residents access to a lake or a swimming pool, hiking trails, a bicycle path, gardens and exceptional landscaping.


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Family management
dedicated to quality of life

The first retirement home created by our group, Manoir de la Falaise is the result of the idealistic vision of founders Claudette Cadieux, a nurse by profession, and Paul Cadieux, a chartered accountant. Their dream: To create a retirement home second to none in quality...

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Les Havres du Manoir
You’ll never be alone again

We have designed a separate and specially adapted living environment for seniors with Alzheimer-type cognitive loss

Our prosthetic approach allows us to compensate for functional difficulties...

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