For Claudette and Paul, the adventure began in 1994 with the purchase of a 37-room hotel to be transformed and adapted to meet the needs of its new clientele. Then in 1998, they added 23 new apartments and built 54 more in 2002, for a total of 114 units.

During the same period, the managers/owners of Manoir de la Falaise began developing Manoir Quatre Saisons in Sainte-Agathe -des-Monts in 1996, Manoir Sainte-Adèle in 1999, Manoir Saint-Adolphe in 2005 and Manoir de la Vallée in 2006. Since then, all of these five residences have undergone several phases of expansion. So today, the group has a total of 500 units.

The founders of Les résidences du Manoir have worked diligently in the retirement home sector for nearly two decades and they remain every bit as passionate today as they were in the beginning. Over the years, the group Les résidences du Manoir has performed so well in its field that it has become the retirement home leader in the Laurentians. Today, more than ever, the founders believe that they practice the most beautiful profession in the world, that of making the elderly happier by improving their quality of life!

At Les résidences du Manoir, seniors benefit from:

  • A choice of five retirement residences
  • 500 housing units consisting of rooms or 2½, 3½ and 4½ apartments
  • 2 specialized units for a clientele with Alzheimer-type cognitive losses, requiring monitoring and a specialized care approach (Havres Sainte-Adèle & Havres Saint-Adolphe )
  • 180 dedicated staff working at our five Manoirs
  • 600 persons residing in these Manoirs
  • A myriad of special attentions, smiles and small gestures which contribute to the happiness of our seniors!

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Family management
dedicated to quality of life

The first retirement home created by our group, Manoir de la Falaise is the result of the idealistic vision of founders Claudette Cadieux, a nurse by profession, and Paul Cadieux, a chartered accountant. Their dream: To create a retirement home second to none in quality...

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Les Havres du Manoir
You’ll never be alone again

We have designed a separate and specially adapted living environment for seniors with Alzheimer-type cognitive loss

Our prosthetic approach allows us to compensate for functional difficulties...

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