Our Mission

Our mission is to offer autonomous seniors or seniors with a slight loss of autonomy, the highest-quality accommodations, meals, activities, security and support services. And to do it in a caring and environment and at an affordable price!

Our values

At Les résidences du Manor, our mission is based on three fundamental values: respect, integrity and excellence.

We recognize old age as an important stage in life, that’s why our top priority can be summarized in the following objective:

To offer elderly persons a pleasant and comfortable alternative, that of living in their own individual residence within a pleasant and caring environment designed to optimize their autonomy and freedom in choosing how to organize their life! 

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Family management
dedicated to quality of life

The first retirement home created by our group, Manoir de la Falaise is the result of the idealistic vision of founders Claudette Cadieux, a nurse by profession, and Paul Cadieux, a chartered accountant. Their dream: To create a retirement home second to none in quality...

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Les Havres du Manoir
You’ll never be alone again

We have designed a separate and specially adapted living environment for seniors with Alzheimer-type cognitive loss

Our prosthetic approach allows us to compensate for functional difficulties...

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