Toll free : 1 877 333-0933

Manoir de la Vallée residence

100, avenue Mont-Molson 
Saint-Sauveur (Québec)  J0R 1R6

Telephone: 450 240-1333  |  Fax: 450 240-2000

Residence Director
Ms. Ginette Desjardins

Manoir de la Falaise residence Inc.

101, rue Principale
Saint-Sauveur (Québec)  J0R 1R6

Telephone: 450 227-5994 | Fax: 450 227-9294 

Residence Director
Mme Ginette Desjardins

Manoir Quatre Saisons residence Inc.

83, Tour du Lac
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (Québec)  J8C 1B2

Telephone: 819 326-8264 | Fax: 819 324-2416

Residence Director
Mme Chantal Roy

 Manoir Sainte-Adèle residences Inc.

Havre Sainte-Adèle

201, rue Lesage
Sainte-Adèle (Québec)  J8B 2R4

Telephone: 450 229-4611 | Fax: 450 229-3590

Residence Director
Mme Nancy Ménard

Manoir Saint-Adolphe residences Inc.

Havre Saint-Adolphe

1544, rue des Musiciens
Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard (Québec)  J0T 2B0

Telephone: 450 226-1168 | Fax: 450 226-1178

Residence Director
Mme Eva Lefebvre

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Family management
dedicated to quality of life

The first retirement home created by our group, Manoir de la Falaise is the result of the idealistic vision of founders Claudette Cadieux, a nurse by profession, and Paul Cadieux, a chartered accountant. Their dream: To create a retirement home second to none in quality...

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Les Havres du Manoir
You’ll never be alone again

We have designed a separate and specially adapted living environment for seniors with Alzheimer-type cognitive loss

Our prosthetic approach allows us to compensate for functional difficulties...

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